Porous bone graft substitute provides ideal scaffold for optimum bone tissue ingrowth.


  • Excellent bone formation

    Contains Carbon apatite and highly purified minerals identical to human bone in terms of physical and chemical properties providing ideal scaffold for Osteoconduction.

  • Advanced 3 dimensional interconnected pore structure

    Average macro-porosity: 80% pore size 300nm

  • Maintains effective space

    Bongros maintains cancellous structure and space until the product is absorbed to the surrounding tissue after new bone formation.


  • To Estimate Bone Union Rate between Autograft(Group A) & Bongros and Autograft Mixture(Group B)

    1. A prospective consecutive study of instrumented posterolateral lumbar fusion using synthetic hydroxyapatite (Bongros-HA) as a bone graft extender J.H. Lee et al., J Biomed Mater Res A, 2009, 90(3): 804-10 Early Result of Hydroxyapatite in Bone Defect after Operative Treatment of Benign Bone Tumor S.H. Chung et al., J Korean Bone & Joint Tumor Soc, 2008, 14(1): 25-31 The efficacy of porous hydroxyapatite bone chip as an extender of local bone graft in posterior lumbar interbody fusion H Kim et al., Eur Spine J, 2012, 21(7): 1324–1330

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